20-24.06.2013 - TaNgRa Festival @ Bulgaria

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20-24.06.2013 - TaNgRa Festival @ Bulgaria

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20-24 June 2013 | Full Moon | Summer Soltice | Bulgaria


Obrazek  Obrazek  Obrazek  Obrazek  Obrazek  Obrazek

Obrazek   Obrazek


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Re: 20-24.06.2013 - TaNgRa Festival @ Bulgaria

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20-24 June 2013

Full Moon & Summer Solstice


Main Stage:

Aodioiboa (Littlebigsensations, Germany)
Arjuna (Parvati rec., Italy)
Astropilot (Altar rec., Russia)
Cosmic Dimension (Suntrip rec., Macedonia)
EVP (Wildthings rec., UK)
Goatika & Kliment (Russia/Bulgaria)
GND Machines (TranceMission project, Italy)
Hutti Heita (Yggdrasil rec., Norway)
HypoGeo (Zenon rec., Italy)
Jahbo (Parvati rec., Denmark)
Kabayun (Looney Moon rec., USA)
Klangmassage (Soundlab Pirates, Austria)
Kliment (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Kromagon (Zenon rec., USA)
Loke (Yggdrasil rec., Norway)
Looney (Greece)
Mirror Me (Zenon rec., Poland)
Once Upon a Time (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)

Ankur (Lost Theory rec., Germany)
Anub1s (Graviton rec., Macedonia)
Anymel (Ananda Tribe/Plusquam rec., Germany)
Arjuna (Parvati rec., Italy)
Bakshish (Looney Moon experiment, Italy)
Becar (Insomnia rec., Russia)
Cosmic Cowboy (Germany)
Delirium Theatre (Electrium rec., Greece)
Dina & Shev (Elestial rec., Macedonia)
Dsompa (Peak rec., Germany)
Elastic Vision (ChakradeliC, Cyprus)
Duat (Pixelfreaks, Brazil)
Edenea (Independent TR, Turkey)
Fog (Looney Moon rec., Italy)
Giuseppe (Parvati rec., Denmark)
Komarchiki (Quantum Tribe, Russia)
Kloud9 (Glitchy Tonic rec., USA)
Kundalini (Ovnimoon rec., Bulgaria)
Lill Li (Zenon rec., Denmark)
Mara Moon (Believe, Switzerland)
Maitryk (Ovnimoon rec., Chile)
MoFu (Zenon/Glitchy Tonics rec., Italy)
Naaz (Digital Audio rec., Canada)
Nainita (Logic Vision rec., Canada)
Niki (Mighty Quinn rec., Russia)
Organica (Woorpz rec./ Up!Noize rec., Portugal )
Osman Gayatree (Blue Hour Sounds, Bali/Russia)
Pojon (Greece)
Rami (Real Vision Music, Germany)
Sama (Lotus Paradise, Iran/Cyprus)
Stealth (Sonic Chakras rec., Russia)
Sunshine (Insomnia rec., Russia)
Trikoze (Enchanted forest, Bulgaria)
Trillobeat (Vertigo rec., Russia)
Tripitale (Bulgaria)
Tulsi (Vrindaclub, Bulgaria)
Wingman (Greece)
Yudhisthira (Vertigo rec., Macedonia)
Younion (Psyks, Kosovo)
Yonagual (Zenon rec., Finland)
Zanskar (Inner Light rec., UK)

Alternative Stage:

Live act:
Asoma (Space Baby rec., Bulgaria)
Astropilot (Altar rec., Russia)
Atom based (Metacept rec., Croatia)
Bjorn Alpha (Greece)
Deep in Mind (Plusquam rec., Greece) - concert
E.U.E.R.P.I. (Bulgaria)
George Kapardelis (Modu rec., Greece)
John Sweet (Modu rec., Greece)
Kliment (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
Maharishi (Space Baby rec., Bulgaria)
Mote. (Ajnavision records, Australia)
Nikroma (Zenon rec., USA)
Okapi (LooneyMoonExperiment/illegal Art, Italy)
SuKhush (Altar Records/6362MetaForce, USA)
Surbahar (Artmospheric, Bulgaria)
TubeFx Project (Artmospheric., Bulgaria) — concert
TRD (Sweden)
Vataff Project (Virtual World/Aleph Zero, Bulgaria)
Zen Baboon (Electrik Dream rec., Portugal)

Alphaspiral (Rebirth, Romania)
Anub1s (Atmospheric rec., Macedonia)
AuroraX (Ajnavision rec., Bulgaria)
Bakshish (Looney Moon experiment, Italy)
Bayawaka (Enig'matik rec., Israel)
Cosmic Cowboy (Germany)
Delirium Theatre (Electrium rec., Greece)
Duat (Pixelfreaks, Brazil)
Elastic Vision (ChakradeliC, Cyprus)
Johny Blue (Peak rec./ Mikelabella rec., Cyprus)
Homfoo (Looney Moon experiment, Italy)
ILich (Russia)
Itaitaiko (Mikelabella rec., Israel)
Kukan dUb Lagan (Mikelabella rec., Israel)
Faura (Russia)
Fog (Looney Moon Experiment, Italy)
Kelt (Quantum Tribe, Russia)
Latam (Thrancians/Spacesheep, Romania)
Liminal Roots (Liminal Roots, India)
Mystical Prana (Quantum Tribe., Russia)
Mental (Visionary Mind rec., Italy)
Matt_with_an_S (Sweden)
Osman Gayatree (Blue Hour Sounds, Bali/Russia)
Pablo Selecta (TranceMission project, Italy)
Psycow (Wildthings rec., UK)
Raijin Gaijin (Mikelabella rec., Israel)
Sorian (Mikelabella rec., Israel)
Spiky (Ajnavision rec., Greece/Germany)
Stealth (Sonic Chakras rec., Russia)
Tetrachromac (Revelations, UAE)
Therapist (Altar rec., Bulgaria)
Woodlook (Childrean Area Alliance/Jaira rec., Russia)
Yudhisthira (Vertigo rec., Macedonia)
Zen Baboon (Electrik Dream rec., Portugal)


The territory will be decorated in Visionary, Spiritual, Natural, Tribal art directions.

Quantum Tribe (Russia)
Free Trance Form (Russia)
Looney Moon  (Italy)
Janis Lipstovs (Latvia)

Looney Moon Visions (Italy/Malaysia)

Visuals & mapping:

Todorwarp (Bulgaria)
Georgi Christov (Bulgaria)
Stoyan Stoyanov (Bulgaria)
Aksvenur (Bulgaria)

Spiritual Garden:

Kundalini yoga
Osho Meditation

Taro Cards

Holistic Massage

We are happy to say that Tangra 2013 gathering will happen at the same place as second edition — Bulgaria, Sandansky Region, Polenitsa Village.
Obrazek Obrazek Obrazek Obrazek
A unique park covering 42 hectares at the foothill of the Pirin mountains will meet you with cascade lakes and botanic gardens consist of more than 200 types of trees and plants.
You'll breath in the cleanest and the driest air in Eastern Europe containing the least of harmful elements.
Drink real and tasty spring water from the depths of the land. Find your place under burning sun and in the mercy of full shadow.
Every day of Tangra you'll live surrounded with magnificent mountain landscapes and most beautiful scenery. The energy of this land inspired you and never let it go. Meet the bright starlight of Bulgarian sky in June, stars themselves so close, it seems you can touch them.

First phase starts on 9th January: 50 euro.
March—May: 60 euro.
May—June: 70 euro.
Full price on the gates: 90 euro.

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~Love & Light~


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