"Wild Temple" ("Wild Things" records party in Lithuania)

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"Wild Temple" ("Wild Things" records party in Lithuania)

Post autor: TempleofMagic » 28 mar 2016, 14:27

On the first Friday of May, ‘Pelėda’(alternative high end production Club) will be hosting ‘Wildthings Records’ with the artists from London and Brighton. ‘Wildthings Records’ label is represented by the following artists: Archaic, Beardy Weardy, E.V.P., Error Corrective, Realitygrid, Southwild, Neutral Motion, Hoodwink. The majority of them will come to Lithuania. It was even possible to invite those producers who normally do not tend to play live, but rather spend the time in the studio.

14 CD’s have been released under the ‘Wildthings Records’ label. The performers are actively involved in the Psy scene on an International level. In order to provide modern sounds and develop positivity they combined digital and analog audio systems. Interestingly, their musical experience is already over 20 years.

The event will be decorated by the guests ‘Calaquendi Art’ from Austria and ‘Pszczoły UV’ from Poland. Large-format rigorous drawings, unseen decoration sets, new 3D mapping project and many other pleasant surprises guaranteed from the ‘Temple of Magic’


Psychedelic Trance


Beardy Weardy Live+DJ set (Wild Things Records) UK
https://soundcloud.com/beardy-wildthing ... rdy-weardy

Hoodwink Live (Wild Things Recods) UK
https://soundcloud.com/beardy-wildthing ... odwink-exp

EVP Live (Wild Things Recodrs) UK
https://soundcloud.com/beardy-wildthing ... space-time

Reality Grid Live (Wild Things Recodrs) UK
https://soundcloud.com/beardy-wildthing ... ealitygrid

Fagin's Reject Live (Wild Things Recodrs) UK
https://soundcloud.com/beardy-wildthing ... -lets-evil


Calaquendi art - Austria
https://www.facebook.com/jan.skopal.9/m ... 362&type=3
https://www.facebook.com/jan.skopal.9/m ... 362&type=3

Sunflower - Lithuania


Psy Breaks, Psy Chill, Chillout

Saga (Strokes Temple) Psy Breaks Dj set

Re-horahty (Forest Freaks) Psy Breaks Dj set

Ney (Trasformers) Psy Chill Dj set

Sunflower (Temple of Magic) Psy Dub DJ set


Pszczoła UV - Poland
https://www.facebook.com/Pszczoła-UV-88 ... 8/?fref=ts

Facebook page.


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