Psylicious Radio presents: Retrospective with Rigel - Talamasca - EarthAlien

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Psylicious Radio presents: Retrospective with Rigel - Talamasca - EarthAlien

Post autor: Psylicious » 08 gru 2019, 04:49


Psylicious Radio presents: Retrospective with Rigel - Talamasca - EarthAlien

Psylicious Radio presents this special show, dedicated to the sound of retro
psychedelic trance. Taking you as far back as 1994 and into 2009 will no doubt
evoke many trance floor memories of the past. Enjoy!



Rigel (DJ Set)

A real wizard when it comes to electronic music and live performance. He loves to
travel to other spaces, which we can feel through his musical journeys, so it's no
wonder his artist name was chosen after the brightest star in our local region of
the Milky Way.
2019 has been a phenomenal year for Rigel, but look out 2020, the brightest stars
portal has just opened for something incredibly special…

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Talamasca (Live set)
Known as one of the most talented musicians of the electronic music scene, and specialist
in Trance music, Talamasca is the solo project of Cedric Dassulle, based in Paris.
After more than 18 years traveling all over the world in more than 40 countries to play his
own music, Talamasca has released more than 150 tracks on the most prestigious labels of
this genre.

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EarthAlien (DJ set)
EarthAlien is the founder, face and driving force behind Psylicious, an established name in
today's psychedelic trance music scene.
EarthAlien executes a non pigeon holed, underground full on driving sound, taking the trance
floor into a full on psychedelic experience....

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